Bait & Tackle

Our Bait & Tackle Shop is located at the fuel dock and hours of operation are currently 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. We have a large variety of tackle available along with other last minute items you may need i.e. sunscreen, lip balm, drinks, t-shirts, hats, etc.  Examples of some of the tackle we carry are:

Bucktails 1 1/2oz. $4.50
Bucktails 1oz.$3.95
Tony Spoons #15,17 $ 7.00
#12,13 $4.95
Jig Heads $7.95 pkg
Striper Flies
Clousers $3.49
Decievers $3.49
Bay Anchovy $3.49
Susquehanna Striper Fly $3.49
Casting Spoons $3.95
BKD’S $ 5.95
Bust Em Baits $5.95
2oz,3/4oz $5.25
1oz $ 5.50
1 1/2oz $4.95

We restock our bait supply weekly and  our inventory is  determined by what our supplier has fresh.   Here are some items we frequently carry.  If you have any special requests for bait, call a few days ahead  and we will do our best to provide you with the requested items.